• 5 Keys to Building a Successful Active Threat Plan
    Security Magazine (10/13/15) Hart, Jay

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5 percent of businesses experience an instance of workplace violence every year, and that rate rises to 50 percent among organizations with more than 1,000 employees. A 2014 report from the FBI that found that active shooter incidents were occurring on average once a month also found that almost half occur in businesses. These statistics make clear that it is important for businesses to have an active threat plan in place. One of the first keys to developing such a plan is simply getting everyone on board with the idea of having an active threat plan, since many people are resistant to the idea for a variety of reasons. Next, it is important that any such plan be relatively flexible, because active threat situations can vary greatly from one incident to the next. Such plans also need to be proactive, aimed at taking steps to prevent violence before it happens just as much as ensuring everyone’s safety when it does. Plans also need to be clearly and simply worded, exemplified by the simple maxim: run, hide, defend. Finally, plans should consider how customers should be informed of any active threat situation, if at all.

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    Latest TSU Shooting Leaves Student Dead, Raises Campus Security Concerns
    Campus Safety Magazine (10/12/2015) Winn, Zach

    An Oct. 9 shooting at Texas Southern University (TSU) left one victim dead and another wounded in what is the fourth shooting incident on the campus since the beginning of the fall semester. In this latest incident, freshman Brent Randall and another man reportedly got into an argument with three other men outside of the University Courtyard Apartment Complex around 11:30 a.m. before shots were fired. Randall was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital and the other victim was alive after being shot twice in the chest. Two of the three suspects were apprehended, but one remains at large. Less than 12 hours before this incident, another shooting occurred in the same area with one victim suffering minor injuries and the suspect escaping. Earlier in the week on Oct. 6, a former student is believed to have shot a man on the campus’ main thoroughfare. Finally, little more than a month before, on August 27, a man opened fire in the University Courtyard Apartment Complex parking lot, killing one TSU student and injuring another. Speaking about the Oct. 9 shooting, TSU president John Rudley criticized a new law signed by Gov. Greg Abbott this summer that will allow concealed carry of firearms on Texas college campuses.

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