• Post-Paris, a Fundamental Rethink of Corporate Security Is In Order
    Forbes (11/30/15) Udell, Bill

    The recent attacks in Paris should push business leaders to incorporate security concerns into everyday operations, writes Bill Udell, a former CIA operations officer and the Los Angeles-based Senior Managing Director for crisis and security consulting at Control Risks. Because Islamic State is focused more on setting off numerous attacks than specific, “quality” targets, this means that any place where large groups gather could be at risk. The consequences of mismanagement are also harsher, Udell says, and so organizations must take care to protect their staff and assets. Corporations have reacted to the Paris attacks by placing “quick-fix” security support around their travelers and expatriates, and some are canceling corporate travel. In the longer-term, corporations will probably focus more on threat and risk monitoring, including their profiles, geographical locations, and personnel exposures. They will also focus on risk management and governance, increase their care of business travelers, reexamine security at facilities that were once considered low-risk, and may allow security departments to become more involved in employee screening. Organizations also should test and refresh their crisis-management plans to account for new, potential terrorism scenarios.

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