• Security Can’t Be Left Behind at a Rapidly Growing Company
    From “Security Can’t Be Left Behind at a Rapidly Growing Company”
    CSO Online (12/16/15) Pratt, Mary K.

    CIOs at rapidly growing companies have to maintain speed and progress without sacrificing security — a difficult feat. Software development company Informatica is growing quickly, and finding that balance can be difficult. However, senior vice president and CIO Ginna Raahauge has a method for her own success: “Celebrate that the business needs to move at the pace of growth and create a safe environment of disclosure or amnesty approach,” she says. “It’s better for them to help you find them than try to hide something.” CIOs across the spectrum say they’re facing a rapid pace of change in their IT departments, and security has to be a priority or else all the speed and tech-driven competitive advantages can go to waste. Raahauge also says that a shift in thinking is necessary: “Neither security nor IT should ever slow down the pace of delivery; a better objective is to move with speed by changing the mindset of having security at the forefront of the design or business requirement vs. an afterthought or necessary evil.” Other companies are hiring additional security staff, working with outside security experts, and spending more money on security demands.

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