• The Evolution of Social Media Monitoring in Corporate Security
    From “The Evolution of Social Media Monitoring in Corporate Security”
    Security Magazine (01/26/16) Klasson, Eric

    Organizational social media monitoring has become a widespread practice across almost every industry in the US. These tools are used to increase productivity and to emphasize brand management, but they are also critical to organizational security. One of the most important tools to arrive in recent years is the advent of location-based social media. Now it is possible to limit searches to only the areas that interest you. Instead of looking through the entire social media landscape to identify threats to your company, you can now limit that search to areas such as the company headquarters. By adding the context of location, social media becomes a source of intelligence that corporate security groups can use to monitor facilities, assets, and locations of interest. Location-based social media tools can inherently solve the who, what, and where of an issue, but further advances have also allowed more discovery of the why. Using these tools can now reveal the sentiment or motivation behind certain social media posts, or why they contact who they choose to talk to. These tools can provide deep knowledge that can be as important to developing sound security as it can to developing new business plans. While social media monitoring is a relatively new concept, the benefits can be felt from the top of the company all the way to the bottom.

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