• Hackers Only Need Your Phone Number to Eavesdrop on Calls, Read Texts, Track You
    From “Hackers Only Need Your Phone Number to Eavesdrop on Calls, Read Texts, Track You”
    Computerworld (04/18/16) Storm, Darlene

    Hackers can listen into and record calls, read texts, and track locations, with access to nothing more than a phone number, according to a 60 Minutes report. According to the report, “every person with a cellphone needs Signaling System Seven (SS7) to call or text each other. The SS7 network is the heart of the worldwide mobile phone system.” However, the network is flawed, according to security researchers who have been warning about SS7 protocol vulnerabilities for years. Some people believe the SS7 flaw has never been fixed “because the location tracking and call bugging capacity has been widely exploited by intelligence services for espionage.” Congressman Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) participated in an experiment using an iPhone supplied by the segment team in order to evaluate the legitimacy of the SS7-flaw argument. Karsten Nohl of SRLabs and his team were able to intercept and record the congressman’s calls, read his texts, view his contacts, and track his location even if GPS location services were turned off. Nohl says this hack “is targeting the mobile network,” as opposed to the individual phone, meaning any security precautions taken by the owner are ineffective. He also says there is currently “no global policing of SS7,” meaning mobile networks are responsible for protecting their customers, which can prove challenging.     | Web Link

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