• Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Are a Major Security Threat for Businesses
    From “Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Are a Major Security Threat for Businesses”
    BetaNews (04/21/16) FadilpaŔic, Sead

    A new report from iPass Mobile Security shows that Wi-Fi hotspots are the biggest security threat for mobile workers. Ninety-four percent of companies surveyed said the hotspots are a “significant” threat and 62 percent of organizations are banning their mobile workers from even using the hotspots. Another 20 percent are planning to do the same in the future. Free Wi-Fi spots were considered the biggest threat, followed by lack of security attention from employees and the specific devices in use. In the era of bring your own device policies, and the proliferation of various forms of mobile devices, enforcing these rules is becoming more difficult. Mobile workers, against everything a company may tell them, will seek out free Wi-Fi because it is convenient. The report noted that simply banning access to hotspots is “not the solution.” Instead, companies must educate their workers about the dangers of insecure free Wi-Fi and provide them with the appropriate tools to access a secure connection while remaining productive.

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