Hi-Tech-Consulting specializes in assisting business in the areas of electronic security, systems integration and loss prevention.

Security, Fire, Life Safety Consulting:¬† We are experienced in all aspects of alarms, card access and CCTV / digital video. We know what works and what doesn’t because we installed and services such systems.
Hi-Tech-Consulting is especially attuned to providing workable solutions which meet legal and liability concerns including HIPAA and Sorbanes-Oxley compliance.

Loss Prevention Consulting: All business is subject to loss in various forms including shrinkage, damage, and theft but other more subjective loss can amount to even greater monetary value, such as: workplace violence, liability, data theft, loss of trade secrets and intellectual property.

Hi-Tech-Consulting has the staff and expertise to perform detailed Risk Assessments with all these potential loss factors in mind and provide solid solutions to reduce your exposure as well as Executive Protection and investigations.

Some of the greatest threats to businesses are their own staff, including contract and in house security, and so only someone such as Hi-Tech-Consulting can present an objective third party assessment of these risk factors.  Part of our ongoing developments in the area of Loss Prevention includes Point of Sale (POS) exception monitoring system consulting and a unique system of Age Verification documentation.

Communications Consulting:  Hi-Tech-Consulting has developed expertise in all forms of low voltage systems including telephones, data communications (and security).

Service issues: Have a difficult to solve system service problem? Does it seem your vendor is incapable of solving the problem? Call us!